Composer Richard Band Makes Canadian Convention Debut!

NEW GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT! HORROR-RAMA is beyond excited to be bringing iconic horror and fantasy film composer Richard Band to our 2018 show! Band’s signature symphonic sounds have graced dozens upon dozens of films from his brother Charles Band‘s Empire Pictures and Full Moon Features studios – cult classics like RE-ANIMATOR, LASERBLAST FROM BEYOND, PARASITE and PUPPET MASTER and so many more – and he’s made his mark in plenty of other fare like John “Bud” Cardos’ underrated MUTANT and the upcoming Mick Garris-produced anthology NIGHTMARE CINEMA. No matter how big or small of a production Band has taken on in his over 40 years in the business, he always brings a rich, evocative sound and opulence to his scores, an approach that almost always elevates the film itself. Please help us welcome Richard to Horror-Rama for his FIRST EVER Canadian convention appearance!

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