OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: HORROR-RAMA’S 2022 INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL  Our annual international short horror film showcase will screen on Sunday, October 2nd in two exciting, terrifying blocks, hosted by Canadian horror filmmaker John Nicol (UNDERNEATH, GLIMPSE). Stay tuned for the complete schedule. Click here for the official selections, carefully considered and curated from the dozens of pictures […] Continue reading →

Event Announcement – Hammer Glamour Cinema Soiree

HORROR-RAMA puts a sweet stake in your Saturday night with a ONE NIGHT ONLY screening party that will blow your mind! We’re excited to be hosting the HAMMER GLAMOUR CINEMA SOIREE, a special event licensed party hosted by iconic Hammer Horror scream queen Caroline Munro, centered around a RARE 16mm film screening of Hammer’s DRACULA […] Continue reading →

Guest Announcement – Lance Kerwin!

All vampires quake in fear! HORROR-RAMA is thrilled to welcome ‘70s film and television superstar Lance Kerwin to our 2022 show in his Canadian convention debut! Best known for his starring role as vampire-hunting Mark Petrie in Tobe Hooper’s 1979 masterpiece SALEM’S LOT, Lance is also beloved for his cult TV series JAMES AT 15, […] Continue reading →

Artist Announcement – Suspiria Vilchez

HORROR-RAMA is excited to welcome multi-media horror comic book, magazine and poster artist/illustrator Suspiria Vilchez to our 2022 show! Vilchez is a force of creative nature, with a distinct style and a unique process. Come and meet this visionary artist, buy an original work or print and watch her paint and create new art live […] Continue reading →

Event Announcement – Deadly Eyes 40th Anniversary Screening

Kick off your HORROR-RAMA weekend in high style on Friday, September 30th as we present a 40th anniversary, 16mm film screening of the immortal 1982 killer rat masterpiece DEADLY EYES…with stars Lesleh Donaldson and Lisa Langlois (plus surprise guests) in attendance! Shot in Toronto, DEADLY EYES (based on the novel THE RATS by James Herbert) […] Continue reading →

Guest Announcement – Caroline Munro!

HORROR-RAMA is excited to be bringing some real-deal “Hammer Glamour” to our 2022 comeback show. Get ready for a RARE Canadian convention appearance from the legendary siren of British cinema, Caroline Munro! The beautiful, iconic actress has graced such beloved horror masterpieces as THE ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES and its sequel DR. PHIBES RISES AGAIN; Hammer […] Continue reading →

Guest Announcement – Lesleh Donaldson

HORROR-RAMA is happy to announce the return of genuine Canadian horror royalty to our show! Actor Lesleh Donaldson came of age during the most potent era of genre film production in Canada, starring in such unforgettable shockers as CURTAINS, FUNERAL HOME (aka CRIES IN THE NIGHT), HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME and the monster rat classic […] Continue reading →

Guest Announcement – Lisa Langlois!

HORROR-RAMA 2022 is thrilled to announce the return of one of our favorite Canadian genre film icons, the lovely Lisa Langlois! Lisa’s genre cinema legacy is locked down with her mesmerizing turns in films like CLASS OF 1984, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, PHOBIA, THE NEST and DEADLY EYES (stay tuned for a special announcement about […] Continue reading →

Guest Announcement – Sean Sullivan!

HORROR-RAMA 2022 is excited to announce another RARE convention appearance by another Canadian icon SEAN SULLIVAN! SEAN’s extraordinary career includes iconic roles in genre classics HOWLING VI:THE FREAKS, CLASS OF 1999 and V/H/H 94, BACK TO THE FUTURE III, the cult classic WAYNE’S WORLD and is now starring as ‘Old Number 5’ in the Netflix […] Continue reading →