ANNOUNCEMENT: Official HORROR-RAMA 2018 International Short Film Festival Selections


Announcing the official selections for the HORROR-RAMA 2018 International Short Film Festival!

Curated films will be presented in two separate blocks, one to be screened on Saturday November 3rd, one that will screen on Sunday November 4th.

Full film and panel schedule coming soon…


HUMAN CATTLE (Dir: Carlos Henriques and Phil Pattison,  Canada)

DEAD CELEBRITIES (Dir: Michael Fausti,  U.K.)

QUIET ROOM BEARS  (Dir:  Lee Howard, Canada)

LIVING WITH A MONSTER (Dir:  Joffrey Saintrapt, Canada)

WORMS (Dir: by Stephen Stull,  United States)

JAX IN LOVE (Dir: Colin Campbell, United States)

ZANDAVI LIVES (Dir: Michael Pereira , Canada)

THE LAST GIRL (Dir: Jeremiah Sabadoz,  Canada)

BELLADONNA (Dir: Brett Mullen,  United States)

THE TORMENTING OF JONES (Dir: Chase Weston, United States)

ITCH (Dir: Sean Patrick Kelly, Canada)

ANGEL (Dir: Julian Vetrone , Canada)

HUNGER (Dir: CJ Barnes,  Australia)

ONCE BITTEN (Dir: Pete Tomkies,  U.K.)

I LOVE YOU TOO (Dir:Sebastian Ko, Canada)

KILLING SPREE  (Dir: Aaron Moore, Canada)

RIPPER TOUR (Dir: Jason Read, United States)

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