Complete HORROR-RAMA 2018 Panel and Screening Schedule!


SATURDAY, November 3rd

Mighty Monster Makers! 
Join artists and designers Gary Pullin, Matthew Thierren and Andrew Barr as they get into the guts of their work, much of which is riffing and re-inventing how we look at iconic horror films and the imagery used to market them.

Dee Wallace: Queen of the Colony 
HORROR-RAMA sits down with actress, author and philosopher Dee Wallace to discuss her on-screen work in such celebrated films as THE HOWLING, E.T., CUJO and CRITTERS as well as her 2nd incarnation as an advocate for spritual “self healing”. She’s one of the great performers and thinkers and we’re excited to have her!

Queer Fear: Fright in the Loafers
Queers have had a hand in creating some of the most iconic horror films in history, from FRANKENSTEIN director James Whale, to CHILD’S PLAY creator Don Mancini. Join Queer Fear as they present a discussion about the queer history of horror and who’s wearing the loafers now. Featuring Queer Fear curator, Joshua Cross, academics Cameron Crookston and Katie Connell, and queer horror filmmaker, Mark Pariselli. Queer Fear is a collective and screening series aimed at bringing the fiercest skeletons out of horror’s closet.

Seeing Things and Exploding Heads! 
Join actors Louis del Grande (in his convention debut!), star of classic horror films like  SCANNERS and OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN as he and his wife and SEEING THINGS co-star, actress Martha Gibson (BLACK CHRISTMAS, BELLS) as they talk about their lives in front of the lens and how they made it all work.

Talkin’ Trash with Linnea Quigley 
Iconic indie actress Linnea Quigley riffs on her wild life in genre cinema classics like RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, NIGHT OF THE DEMONS and SORORITY BABES IN THE SLIMEBALL BOWL-O-RAMA!

Pulse Pounding Pulp! 
Join DELIRIUM magazine editor/co-founder and former FANGORIA EIC Chris Alexander and special guests for a discussion about the challenges of keeping monster mags alive in a digital world. We’ll also discuss how to pitch editors and how you can become a writer for YOUR favorite magazines.

SUNDAY, November 4th

Crazy About Lynn 
HORROR-RAMA hangs out with veteran cult film actress Lynn Lowry to discuss her signature films like David Cronenberg’s SHIVERS and George A. Romero’s THE CRAZIES as well as the exciting new wave of indie films she’s appearing in, like RIPPER STREET (also screening at HORROR-RAMA!!) and many more!

Maestro of the Macabre: In Conversation with Richard Band 
In his Canadian convention debut, HORROR-RAMA sits down with legendary composer Richard Band, the man behind such beloved film scores as RE-ANIMATOR, PUPPET MASTER, PARASITE, FROM BEYOND, PIT AND THE PENDULUM, MUTANT and dozens upon dozens more. Richard is a trip and you’re going to want to hear what he has to say!

Femininity in Fear 
We’ve brought together some of the most interesting women working in Canadian genre media today to discuss their challenges, triumphs and strategies succeeding in a traditionally male-dominated business. Hear the ladies talk – podcasters, programmers, editors and more – and get tips from the pros on how to navigate the new landscape of modern macabre media.


HORROR-RAMA Screaming Room Schedule
Saturday, November 3rd

WILD BEASTS (1984) From the director of MONDO CANE comes one of the most mind-blowing and berserk Italian horror films of all time! When a malevolent strain of PCP leaks into the water supply of a Rome zoo, every single annimal caged within goes insane and stomps, chomps and shreds any and all humans who dare get in their way. Buckle in for one of the literally WILDest flicks you’ll ever wanna see. (Screens courtesy of Severin Films)

Exclusive 2018 Blood in the Snow Canadian Horror Film Festival Preview
Join BITS programmers as they announce their entire 2018 lineup of features, shorts and web series! Meet filmmakers and watch trailers and clips!

2018 Horror-Rama International Short Film Festival (Block One)
Note: Select filmmakers and talent will be in attendance
Underneath (trailer)
Ripper Tour (includes introduction by star Lynn Lowry)
Dead Celebrities
The Last Girl
Zandavi Lives
Jax In Love
Living With A Monster

PUPPET MASTER: BLITZKRIEG MASSACRE (2018) Experience the first entry in Full Moon’s new head-spinning clip-trip horror series “Bunker of Blood” as the “Gore Collector” exposes you to the bloodiest scenes from Full Moon’s PUPPET MASTER franchise. Grab a drink and lose your mind…and your lunch! (Screens courtesy of Full Moon)

Sunday, November 4th

ABSURD (1981) Notorious Italian exploitation director Joe D’Amato’s screaming sorta-sequel to his legendary “Video Nasty” ANTHROPOPHAGUS, ABSURD is a crazy slasher trash classic like only D’Amato could make! Loaded with stomach-churning gore and endless weirdness, this Eurohoror classic is NOT for the faint of heart!

2018 Horror-Rama International Short Film Festival (Block Two)
Note: Select filmmakers and talent will be in attendance
Underneath (trailer)
I Love You Too
The Tormenting Of Jones
The Eve
Human Cattle
Once Bitten
Killing Spree
Quiet Room Bears

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