October 15-16, 2016






Canadian writer/director Gabriel Carrer has been making edgy genre films for the past decade and his most recent film THE DEMOLISHER was an international festival hit. On the cusp of its Blu-ray release, Carrer brings his THE DEMOLISHER star, prolific indie film actor Ry Barrett, to HORROR-RAMA to meet the fans and premiere the Canadian release of the film. Come meet the lads and pick up a disc!


HORROR-RAMA is excited to bring JOE HART'S GATE-FEST to the show -- just in time to coincide with The Gate's 30th Anniversary -- with special guests Linda Goranson and Jonathan Llyr! The largest collection of memorabilia in the world of this seminal Canadian classic will be on display featuring the screen-used Minion mask prop -- one of only two that still exist! You will NOT want to miss this awesome exhibit! Come and meet the monster and the mom, only at HORROR-RAMA!


Actress and artist Geretta Geretta has lived and worked around the world but is best known and loved for her role as the oozing, screaming and fanged demon hooker Rosemary in Lamberto Bava and Dario Argento's 1985 masterpiece DEMONS as well as her turn as Chocolate in Bruno Mattei's gritty thriller RATS. Come and meet a Eurohorror legend only at HORROR-RAMA!


HORROR-RAMA 2016 is thrilled to welcome Canadian Scream Queen Helene Udy! The gorgeous actress from My Bloody Valentine, The Incubus and Pin as well as Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is making her first Toronto convention appearance at our show! Come and meet Helene only at Horror-Rama!


Tovah Feldshuh has made her name over the past 40 years as one of the most revered names on Broadway. She's a performer, a writer, a playwright and an intellectual who has also carved out a solid niche in film and television, starring in everything from the Bette Davis horror TV movie SCREAM, PRETTY PEGGY to the Ray Sharkey drama THE IDOLMAKER and beyond. But Tovah is best known to us genre fans for her powerful performance as Deanna Monroe, the leader of Alexandria in AMC's THE WALKING DEAD. Come and meet this incredible artist, only at HORROR-RAMA!


Little Cindy Hinds isn’t so little anymore but one look at her smile and horror fans remember her. The former child actress starred as Candice Carveth, daughter of Frank and Nola Carveth in David Cronenberg’s shattering 1979 masterpiece THE BROOD, a role that saw her being thrust into the eye of domestic horror and doing battle with the titular malevolent monsters. We love Cindy and we’re excited to be able to pair her once more with her on-screen dad Art Hindle ONLY at HORROR-RAMA!


Veteran actor Art Hindle first found fame in fright with his turn in Bob Clark’s seminal 1974 thriller BLACK CHRISTMAS and later in Philip Kaufman’s masterful 1978 remake of INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS. But it’s his role as troubled father Frank Carveth in director David Cronenberg’s disturbing 1979 body horror psychodrama THE BROOD that fans will forever love him for. Art’s history in International film and television is extensive, he’s one of the greatest storytellers we know and we’re thrilled to have him hand out with us at HORROR-RAMA.


Hailing from Guelph, Ontario writer/producer/director Chad Archibald is a true Canadian horror success story. Co-founder of Black Fawn Films, Archibald has been one of the main creative forces behind an endless series of internationally distributed and critically acclaimed feature films like BITE, THE DROWNSMAN and NEVERLOST. His next film is the pagan horror thriller THE HERETIC. Come and meet the man at HORROR-RAMA!


HORROR-RAMA is proud to announce our newest guest, director Douglas Buck! A veteran of low-budget, genre film making, Douglas has mastered the art of the cerebral horror film that isn't afraid to deliver  the gory goods. He's also one of the friendliest guys  around. Come and meet the man behind titles like FAMILY PORTRAITS, SISTERS and THE THEATRE BIZARRE. Only at HORROR-RAMA!


David DeCoteau is one of the most prolific purveyors of cult, trash and horror films in history, with over 100 movies to his credit. He's also one of the warmest, funniest and most intelligent artists you'll ever meet. HORROR-RAMA is super-stoked to bring the man behind CREEPOZOIDS, SORRORITY GIRLS IN THE SLIMEBALL BOWL-O-RAMA, PUPPET MASTER III, VOODOO ACADEMY and A TALKING CAT?!? to Toronto. We love him. You will too.


HORROR-RAMA is psyched to bring The Sentimentalists to our show! World-renowned mentalist Mysterion teams with the ONLY female mentalist in the country, Steffi Kay, to create a two-person mind reading experience. Steffi brings back classic style mentalism and with her vintage look you will feel transported to the golden age of magic. Mysterion has appeared on stages around the globe and has made hundreds of television and media appearances over the past 15 years. The Sentimentalists will be performing in our vendor hall over the course of the weekend. Don't miss them!


HORROR-RAMA is super-stoked to welcome the inimitable Dyanne Thorne, the reigning ruler of exploitation cinema! The charming, statuesque actress will forever be cherished by cult film fans for her role as the dreaded, sexed-up and megalomaniacal Ilsa in director Don Edmond's Canadian-financed shocker ILSA: SHE WOLF OF THE SS and its sequels as well as Jess Franco's perverse companion film ILSA: THE WICKED WARDEN. Come and meet this titan of sleaze in Toronto, only at HORROR-RAMA!


Actor Howard Maurer has appeared in a myriad wild and untamed exploitation flicks, including the Something Weird Video favorite WHAM BAM THANK YOU SPACEMAN and three of the ILSA films (appearing alongside his wife Dyanne Thorne): ILSA HAREM KEEPER OF THE OIL SHEIKS, ILSA THE WICKED WARDEN and ILSA THE TIGRESS OF SIBERIA. Come and meet the man only at HORROR-RAMA!


HORROR-RAMA is pumped to bring back the legendary magazine editor, filmmaker and author Jovanka Vuckovic to our show, this time as part of one her most recent incarnations as the co-founder of Burlington's TELL-TALE HEART custom tattoo shop and fine art gallery. Jovanka will appear with her partner, revered tattoo artist Shane Faulkner and select TTH staff, to meet fans, consult and host an exclusive panel about the art of horror and fantasy tattoos. Visit www.telltalehearttattoo.com for more information.


HORROR-RAMA is pumped to be bringing maverick mad movie-maker Jeff Lieberman to Toronto! The NYC based writer/director is best known for his "Holy Trinity" of cult films: 1976's mutant worm classic SQUIRM, the bizarre 1978 LSD zombie film BLUE SUNSHINE and the 1981 backwoods slasher thriller JUST BEFORE DAWN as well as later, underrated gems like 1988's REMOTE CONTROL and 2004's SATAN'S LITTLE HELPER. There's no one else quite like Jeff Lieberman and you can meet the man, only at HORROR-RAMA!


HORROR-RAMA is excited to bring the one and only William Lustig to Toronto! A legendary director, producer and the main brain behind venerable cult home video imprint Blue Underground, Lustig made a big, bloody impact in the genre with his still traumatic 1980 slasher psychodrama MANIAC and later, with violent action films like VIGILANTE, RELENTLESS and the MANIAC COP films. He's also a great guy and one hell of a storyteller. Come and meet the man at HORROR-RAMA!


FIRST CONVENTION APPEARANCE! French Canadian actress turned broadcaster Danielle Ouimet first found international fame in the 1969 Montreal-shot erotica hit VALERIE, a notorious picture that changed the landscape of Canadian cinema. But her greatest claim to horror fame would come later, in Harry Kumel's critically acclaimed 1971 cult Eurohorror masterpiece DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS, wherein Ouimet played the abused wife of a sadist, trapped in a Belgian hotel and manipulated by a Lesbian vampire (the late Delphine Seyrig). Come and meet this legend of International cinema ONLY at HORROR-RAMA!